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Cleaning and maintenance, claims




Due to thorough testing and our quality checking procedures, there are very few claims in respect of our products. If you do experience a problem with the quality of your roof window, please contact us. Will be able to help you.

Before contacting us, we recommend that you check through our Frequently Asked Questions as you might find the answer to your problem there.

Cleaning and maintenance


Roof windows cleaning and maintenance

A roof window demands very little maintenance - just the ordinary cleaning of the pane and a yearly re-lacquering of the wood if installed in rooms with a high level of humidity. All roof windows rotate up to 165 degrees to facilitate easy cleaning of the external pane.

You can also clean the wood with hot soapy water, but please note that frequent cleaning may increase the need for re-lacquering the wood.

There is only a little maintenance required on a roof window, but to ensure proper function and long durability we recommend that you do the following on an annual basis:

+ Re-lacquer the roof window. The need for re-lacquering depends on the humidity in the room. You can use any type of water-based lacquer – but please make sure it is applied evenly.
+ Grease the centre hinges to ensure a smooth rotation of the roof window.
+ Clean around the gutters on the window to ensure a free flow of rainwater around the roof window.


Blinds cleaning and maintenance

The blinds do not need regular maintenance. All you need to do is to clean the blinds with a damp cloth when necessary.


Roller shutter cleaning and maintenance

We recommend that you periodically clean the gutter and the area around the roller shutter of your roof window. You do not need a regular service on your roller shutter to keep it working. Just use common sense and it should work for many years.