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Flashing Types


Flashings are used during the installation of roof windows to ensure that your roof is watertight. We provide flashings which are ideal for use with roof tiles and slates. Please note that our 10-year warranty only applies to roof windows, if you have used the right flashing on your roof.

Our flashing is made of aluminium and comes in the same shade of grey as the roof window frames. Our flashings are all weather and UV resistant and have been rigorously tested for durability and fit under the toughest conditions.

I want to watch a video about installing roof window flashing.


Installing a roof window

Tile covering on your roof

As each skylight requires flashing that provides safe and reliable protection against rain, you need to select a flashing type that matches your roofing. Please choose the flashing type pictured left if you use tiles and skylights which have a tread depth of 16 mm to 50 mm. Click here for the video on how to fix a brick deck frame. Watch video on how to fix the flashing to your tiles.


Installing a roof window - installation onto slate covering

Installation onto slate covering

Select the flashing pictured left if you have slates or very flat material, the single skylight has a profile depth of up to 8 mm (16 mm when two slates are superimposed), and the roof slope is between 15 and 90 degrees. Watch video on how to fix the flashing to your slates.


Dachfenster Eindeckrahmen auswählen. Eindecken bei hochwelligen Profilen

Universal Tile Flashing

If your tiles or slate are between 0 -120 mm in profile, use the flashings pictured here. They're suitable for profiles up to 120 mm in height and are produced with a very long skirt to ensure water tightness. The installation is the same as for slimmer tiles.


Installation of two or more roof windows (next to each other or above each other)

For a limited range of our products we can help with this but we need to get in touch with you first and find out more about your project before we can properly advise you about the best products and solutions for you. Get in touch with us here.