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The terms of our guarantee


Solstro provides a 10-year guarantee on all window and flashing products and a 2 year guarantee on blinds. You will find the full terms and conditions of our guarantee here.

I. Terms of our guarantee

Solstro roof windows as supplied by this website come with a ten-year guarantee (see point 1 below) which also covers the glass panes and Solstro flashings. Solstro chassis, Solstro blinds and sun-screening accessories come with a two-year end user guarantee. The guarantee only applies to products delivered to the first end-user (see point 2 below) after 1st November 2001.


II. Start of the guarantee period

The guarantee period starts when the newly-made product is delivered to the first end-user.


III. Extent of the guarantee

The guarantee covers defects (see point 3 below) due to material, production or structural faults (see point 4 below).


IV. Written complaint

In order to take advantage of our guarantee, you, the end-user must send us (details here) a written complaint within the guarantee period and within one month of discovering (or when you ought to have discovered) the defect, along with the receipt and a photo.


V. Reimbursement of the purchase price

If in accordance with the terms and conditions of the guarantee, you, the end-user returns the product, and Solstro accepts the complaint, Solstro will pay the list price valid at the time of the complaint. If the product is not marketed any more at the time of the complaint, Solstro will pay the list price for a similar product.


VI. Non-coverage

This guarantee does not cover:

  • Any delivery delays or non-product-related issues
  • Any discolouration of non-visible parts, change of colour and fading caused by the sun / condensation / acid rain / salty splashes or any other conditions with corroding or material changing effect, 
  • Any discolouration or deterioration in the wood due to failure to sand and re-varnish the wood at least every two years, 
  • Knots in the wood, 
  • Natural variations in the colour of the wood 
  • Slight imperfections or natural variations in the aluminium, steel and glass, including colour variations in the pane, that do not materially affect use, 
  • Any other similar conditions, irrespective of whether these may be designated as defects. 


Furthermore, the guarantee does not cover any defects or damage as a direct or indirect result of:

  • Faulty installation, i.e. installation made contrary to the installation instructions or (in the absence of such instructions) contrary to good craftsmanship, 
  • Installation outside the recommended installation areas, 
  • Faulty operation or misuse, 
  • Neglect of maintenance as described in the directions for use or (in the absence of such directions) neglect of usual maintenance, 
  • Use of incompatible spare parts or accessories (e.g. power supply),
  • Transportation or any other form of handling, 
  • Product modifications, 
  • An act of God
  • Other defects or damage that are not due to material, production or structural faults, 

the above list not being exhaustive.


VII. Miscellaneous

In addition to this guarantee, the applicable mandatory rules of law apply. This may have the effect that on some points the end-user’s rights might be better than those indicated in the present guarantee. The guarantee does not limit the rights that the end-user may have towards any dealer from whom the end-user purchased the product.


VIII. Notes - supplementary explanations

Note 1.
"End-user" means the natural or legal person who owns the product and has not acquired it with a view to reselling or installing it in the course of a business.

Note 2.
"First end-user" means the end-user, who first acquires the product from Solstro, a dealer or any other natural or legal person reselling or installing the product in the course of a business.

Note 3.
The guarantee may be invoked in case of a defect according to the scientific and technical knowledge at the time of the beginning of the guarantee period. The cause of the defect has to be present at the same time.

Note 4.
Any discrepancies between the standards valid at the purchase time (including for instance standards that form the basis of the CE-marking) and the (lawful) appearance of the product according to the relevant standards valid at the time of production are not included in defects or faults covered by the guarantee.

Note 5.
It rests with the end-user to establish that the guarantee period has not expired.