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Your Security


Safe Webshop

With more than 14,000 certified dealers, Trusted Shops have been the leading seal of approval for online shops since 1999 with integrated Buyer Protection including the Trusted Shops Guarantee (money-back guarantee guaranteed by reputable insurance companies). With Trusted Shop reviews buyers can also rate the quality of a store in order to provide feedback for other visitors. The Trusted Shops Customer Rating consists of a reliability assessment by Trusted Shops and the customer's opinion about the seller in the following categories: delivery, goods and customer service for the last 12 months. For more information visit www.trustedshops.com.

Secure Transactions

We take security very seriously and we have put in place a raft of security measures for your protection. You can shop with us with confidence knowing that the information you provide is safe and secure. 

Secure Server

If you pay with your credit card, you will be taken to our secure servers. Information about your credit card and all your sensitive data will be processed securely. Our server uses secure SSL encryption between us and your browser in order to prevent interception or theft. When using an SSL connection, you will see a castle with an address on the top line which begins with "https" on the bottom bar of your screen. This indicates secure data exchange.

Protection of private data

Your privacy and confidential data exchange is very important to us. To be able to process orders in accordance with the requirements contractually required, you will be asked personal information such as name, address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses indicated. Should you wish to pay by credit card, then this sensitive information is transmitted to us. We need you to provide this information in order for us to communicate with you. Your data will be stored and processed only for these purposes, unless you have expressly authorized us further use of the data.

Safe shipping

We ship with known and certified carriers only. Outsized cargo are delivered on disposable pallets, blinds and accessories as a package. It's our responsibility to ensure your items are delivered to you.
If during delivery something goes wrong despite all our efforts please contact us before you sign the delivery form.