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Solstro skylight - roof window for garages and unheated, non-domestic rooms

Solstro skylight - roof window for garages and unheated, non-domestic rooms


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The Solstro skylight for garages and unheated rooms is our most affordable roof window.It is available in 3 sizes and comes with an integrated flashing. Ideal to light and ventilate an uninhabited area, like a garden shed or outbuilding. It is designed to provide ventilation and light.

If you are looking for a roof window for a heated or domestic room, please see the rest of our range

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Roof Pitch

15-60 degrees

It is important to check the angle of your roof and only select a roof window that is suitable for the pitch of your roof. This ensures the roof window can be installed and operated correctly, protects against leaks, and keeps your guarantee valid.

Sound Reduction

Not relevant

This value tells you the ability of the roof window ( in decibels) to reduce outside noise. The higher this value is, the better the roof window is at keeping noise out.


Not relevant

The U-value of a roof window tells you how effective the window is against heat loss. A lower u- value actually means better insulation properties. For example, a u-value of 1.4 is better than a u-value of 1.5, for energy efficiency and saving you money on fuel bills.


2 Year Guarantee

If any parts of your Solstro blind become faulty for a period of up to 2 years from purchase, then you can simply send us a picture of the problem and we will arrange a replacement or spare parts.


As the name suggests the skylight for garages and unheated rooms is designed for uninhabited and non-domestic rooms. Ideal for ventilation / lighting the attic, garage or garden shed.

We are the only manufacturer of this multi-aperture, multi-purpose window with two opening systems (standard opening up or side opening).

This multi-purpose pine window comes with an integral flashing system to fit 8-90 mm roof coverings, making it the ideal solution - with no additional cost!  Just order and install.

The skylight / roof window comes with the sash opening to the side, but can be installed sideways on. This is an ideal way to access the roof. This model is designed with double glazing 14 mm thick double glazing and a 2 year warranty.

The skylight for garages and unheated rooms is available in 3 sizes and comes with integrated flashing. The skylight fits on any type of roofing material to a maximum ripple of 90 mm. You can remove or adjust the flexible foam upstand that also adapts the window to the roof covering so it’s very easy to use on a slate roof. You do not need any additional accessories.

Additional Information

U Value Not relevant
Technical Specification
  • Integrated flashing with apron
  • Easy trim or completely removable foam gasket to ensure a perfect seal to roofing materials
  • The product can be installed in all roofing materials
  • Our flexible system allows installation in roofs with pitches of between 15 and 60 degrees
  • Top-hung as standard with side-hung opening as optional (except 85 x 85 side which can NOT be installed as a top hung window but can be hung to open from the right or left side, factory default is right opening but can easily be changed to left opening by the customer).
  • Comes with rubber gaskets in the sash
  • Weather - and UV ray resistant
  • Kiln-dried pine wood with fungicide protection
  • 14mm double pane (3-8-3)
  • Chromed steel handle with two ventilation positions
  • Air permeability Class 2
  • Water tightness Class 2A